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The SR Series and JR Series gas lift mandrels are tubing retrievable mandrels installed as an integral component of the tubing.

  • Full, open flow area (same as tubing I.D.)
  • Guard plates and lug protect valve from damage during installation
  • Various materials and thread connections provide compatibility with all current production tubing
  • Available in sizes from 2116" to 412" O.D. (production string)

SR Series: the mandrel's external ported lug is configured for 112" O.D. tubing retrievable gas lift equipment.

JR Series: the mandrel's external ported lug is configured for 1"O.D. tubing retrievable gas lift equipment.

The IM Series gas lift mandrels are also installed as an integral component of the tubing string, but unlike the SR and JR Series, they feature internally mounted gas lift and check valves. The IM mandrel has the same O.D. dimensions as the tubing, making it ideal for special applications:

  • Wells with limited clearance between tubing and casing
  • In the injection string for casing flow
  • In the production string for tubing flow with a reverse flow valve
  • Available in sizes from 114" to 278" O.D. (production string)

Gas Lift and Check Valves

PCS Ferguson offers a comprehensive line of valves and accessories for either injection pressure or production pressure operation. Designed to anticipate changes in well characteristics and manufactured to the highest quality standards, our gas lift and check valves offer exceptional performance and reliability over the life of the well.

TP Series: tubing retrievable, injection pressure operated gas lift valves.

  • Large dome volume improves operating efficiency
  • Port sizes from 18" to 12" for optimum gas passage
  • Constant or intermittent flow
  • Mechanical travel stop increases the cycle life of the bellows
  • Three-ply Monel® bellows extends life
  • Replaceable floating Monel® seat (tungsten material available)
  • Available in 58", 1" or 112" O.D.

TC Series: tubing retrievable, spring-loaded check valves that provide casing protection from back flow through the gas lift injection valve.

  • Eliminates the need to re-unload casing liquid by preventing casing fill-up during shut down
  • Stainless steel or Monel® material
  • Inconel® spring
  • Combination resilient (metal-to-metal) seat for bubble-tight seal
  • Valves can be stacked for additional protection
  • Seal system options available

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